Spirituality and Youth

April 1, 2019

Now more than ever life is so busy for youth. Balancing school, homework, extracurricular activities and church has become tougher. There are plenty of distractions and excuses! Yet many feel that they do not have any time to pray or concentrate on spiritual needs.

Nurturing purposeful life for youth at orphanages

March 21, 2017

Hope for Youth strives to help children at orphanages to grow in faith and find their purpose in life. The programs we support helps to build self-esteem in them enhancing the probability to become productive members of the society when they leave the institution..

Enhancing and supporting youth programs in developing world

March 21, 2017

From orphanages in the developing world to foster care program in US have so much need for financial and program support. Hope for Youth identifies organizations that have effective programs and successful outcome to enhance their depth and reach for their programs so that they can serve more children..