About Us


Hope for Youth’s vision is to help every young person who is an orphan or under foster care to grow in faith and discover his or her purpose in life and grow up to become a productive member of the community.


Hope for Youth strives to support programs and projects that enhances and empowers a young person to grow spiritually, academically, and discover his or her purpose in life. Hope for Youth provide resources to improve the quality and content of youth programs offered by partner organizations that is consistent with the objectives of the organization.

Our Promise

We are committed to the mission of Hope for Youth and assure you that:

  • We have extensive experience in supporting and conducting youth program around the world and we committed to the vision and mission of HYI.
  • 100% of your donation will go to the HYI programs.
  • We have established transparency, accountability and ethical code of conduct to assure every donor that your generosity is valued and appreciated.
  • We work with reputable Christian institutions around the world to ensure the integrity and outcome of the programs are consistent with the mission of HYI.
  • We use state-of-the art technology to communicate, monitor and measure the programs that we sponsor or support.

Our Story

From the year 2002 to 2010 Joseph Melookaran, the Founder, his wife Jenny and their daughters, Ann and Roslyn, use to visit orphanages in India and financially support various education programs and most needed projects. Having studied the orphanage system in India and how the services are delivered, we identified certain specific areas that are deficient, and we were convinced that they cannot be met by the existing service delivery structure. A major drawback we identified is the lack of self-esteem and absence of conscious effort in helping youth to find their purpose in life.

Our experience in working with orphanage institutions and organizations that offer programs for underprivileged children taught us a lot in terms of the need that is unmet. We are painfully aware that our efforts will address a very tiny portion of the need that is there. But we have the passion and commitment to help as many youngsters to find their purpose in life through appropriate programs. All board members are actively working with youth organizations and have a deep passion and commitment to improve the educational aspects of the underprivileged children.