Promoting spiritual growth

Promoting spiritual growth

There are research studies showing that spiritual and religious involvement is an important dimension in youth development. For example, Gallup reported that 95% of American teenagers believed in God. Based on the data collected from “The Project Teen Canada”, one study found that 75% of the young respondents in Canada regarded themselves as members of a religion, 60% viewed spirituality as important. We believe that Christian religious spirituality and the closeness and connection to Jesus it brings is very important for finding the purpose in life for youngsters. We live in a culture that drowns us in commercialism, materialism, secularism and it is so difficult for children, parents, teachers and church ministries to find time and right framework for providing spiritual growth to youngsters. Hope for Youth designs programs and supports events that facilitate education, promotion and training for children to enhance spiritual growth.
Projects sponsored:

  • Distribution of Bible
  • Youth movie night with Pizza and reflection
  • Spiritual renewal retreats
  • Youth sharing of stories
  • Youth community service and charitable mission work

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