Promote mentor programs for youth

Promote mentor programs for youth

To grow and develop into thriving, productive and engaged adults every young person needs a supportive relationship. One in three young person in America do not have such a figure in their life. Researches have already proved that a youth benefit from close, caring relationships with adults who serve as positive role models. An estimated 8.5 million young adults continue to lack supportive, sustained relationship with caring adults. This gap is serious and unacceptable.

Hope for Youth envisions raising awareness about the mentoring need through assisting public outreach and assistance to organizations that work with mentoring programs like Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The National Mentoring Partnership and Catholic Charities. Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal with substantial variation, but the essential components include creating caring, empathetic, consistent, and long-lasting relationships, often with some combination of role modeling, teaching, and advising.

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