All Children
Must Be


All Children
Have Right to
Be Loved


All Children
Have Right to


All Children
Have Right to
Take Education.

Need Your Attention!

Support a child to attend a “boot camp” for economically disadvantaged and orphanage children!!

Over three thousand children attend this flagship program with amazing outcome each year. This program is in partnership with Christeen (Teenagers for Christ – Kerala, India). Make a difference in the lives of these children with a small contribution. For supporting a child in need will cost only as little as $10. You may support one or one hundred children!! There is severe unmet need for this program. Click on “Donate Button” and make a difference!!

Our Goal is $10,000


Our Causes

Nurturing purposeful life for youth at orphanages

Hope for Youth strives to help children at orphanages to grow in faith and find their purpose in life. The programs we support helps to build self-esteem in them enhancing the probability to become productive members of the society when they leave the institution.

Enhancing and supporting youth programs in developing world

From orphanages in the developing world to foster care program in US have so much need for financial and program support. Hope for Youth identifies organizations that have effective programs and successful outcome to enhance their depth and reach for their programs so that they can serve more children.

Let’s Work Together!

Give a little & change a lot.


We Can Change The World

01  Our Mission

Hope for Youth strives to support programs and projects that enhances and empowers a young person to grow spiritually, academically, and discover his or her purpose in life.

02  Our Vision

Hope for Youth vision is to help every young person who is an orphan, economically disadvantaged or under foster care to discover and nurture his or her purpose in life and…

03 Our Promise

We are committed to give hope for youth and assure you that: every dollar raised will be spent on direct program expenditures.

Become a Volunteer

We need volunteers with a wide range of skills, willingness to learn and enthusiasm for the various work needed, either hands on with those needing direct care, or contacting our partners and arranging for support services to be delivered.

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