Board of Directors

Jenny Melookaran, President

Jenny Melookaran is a former Manager at an Information Technology firm in the Midwest. She is well versed with the office administration and communication coordination. Currently she volunteers her time at a nursing home (St. Francis Villa), pregnancy counselling center (Advice and Aid), and Catholic Charities. Hope for Youth will certainly benefit from her deep understanding of transparency, accountability and integrity of financial management.

Janis Clarke, Director

Janis Clarke is a professional singer and public speaker who have extensive experience in working with youth ministry in many cities in North America. She constantly visits parishes and Christian institutions with a focus on youth and children.

Tessy Antony, Director

Tessy Antony is a former Associate at a software development firm in New Jersey and she is active in supporting orphanages and their programs in the past twenty years. Her dedication and commitment to the orphanage related programs will be a great asset to the organization.

Joseph Melookaran,  Director

Joseph Melookaran CPA is the Founder President of Hope for Youth International. He is a serial entrepreneur and has built small to medium businesses in US with offices around the world. He has a long history of working with Christian ministries in USA and India. Some of the nonprofit entities he works with include Christeen
(Kerala, India), Catholic Charities, Association of Americans for Civic Responsibility, Shalom World TV, Park University, and World Affairs Councils of America. He serves
in leadership roles of several nonprofit organizations. He is also a former White House Commission member appointed by US President. His goal is to make a difference in the lives of youth.