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Anybody else be Sarah and you can John B are incredibly overrated

February 1, 2023

Anybody else be Sarah and you can John B are incredibly overrated

Such as I get they these are generally one another gorgeous and they’ve got higher chemistry(which should be a given given they have been a couple of inside real lives.) However their develop and you can relationships sucks.

First, Topper are a knob ik but I find ways she addressed your is actually very unlikeable. She duped, lied regarding it, in addition to she was gaslighting your. She told you it had been said to be the june and you will she only decrease him having a person she know twenty four hours. ????

Plus the fact she was telling him that they’re within the higher college or university it’s just not you to definitely deep but then at the end of the year she tells John B she’d rather feel inactive than simply without your immediately after 4 days, really contridicting. ????

I just feel the publishers are making in pretty bad shape from him or her, theyve come along with her cuatro months and just have come through thus much shit. Literally the new build up was terrible.

I get what people will probably say “ohhh its sixteen” however it is nonetheless unrealistic and thus rushed rather than to mention their tough to buy them since sixteen year-old couple when the lead actor was twenty-eight.

I could visit your point whenever they time so you’re able to an excellent film and she’s most of the such I like JB Such

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This is the reason I wished they’d generated them college many years to OBX into the summer.